Honest Al

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Honest Al  has been a Professional Barber since the late 80’s, so he has seen it all! Opening his own Barbershop back in 2008, as there were very few in Stockholm at the time.

It is clear, this straight-talking Barber is original and has still got plenty of Punk Rock in him, that he brings to his unique Barbershop in the best possible way.

”Barbershops might be old-school, but never old fashioned”

— Honest Al.

Pistol Pete

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Every barbershop needs an annoying Englishman and Honest Al’s is no different.

Pete was born and raised in Kent, often referred to as ‘the arsehole of England’ he escaped to Sweden to avoid all the ’Brexit wankers’.

After coming to Honest Al’s for a haircut one day he decided to become a barber and has since refused to leave despite everyone’s best efforts.

Scarface Ed

Book Ed

Stockholm, born and raised.

Punk, with an interest for music, football, traveling and the ”finer” things in life. Worked as a barber since 2015. Started as an apprentice at Honest Al’s, certificate from ”Knights Barbering School” in Dublin, and a year at Hamburg’s top Barbershop.

Marcus ”Mackan”

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A former chef, that decided to go barber school back in 2017. He likes to paint abstract art using acrylics in his spare time, if he has any that is… due to a lot of kids and a parrot named doris. He also likes unfiltered conversations, mullets, red wine and bullshit. He will go all in for the treatment you desire.

Buster ”The Dog”

I have been the Barbershop dog for about a year and my main focuses are welcoming everyone that comes through the door, playing around, sleeping and farting.
If you have any plans of robbing the place, you will be licked to death!