Al “Honest Al” Mocika

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Honest Al himself has been a barber since the late 80’s. He opened his Barbershop 2008 as there where virtually no barbershops in Sthlm. Today it’s a flourishing successful business.

It is very clear, that this barber has still got some punk rock in him. Plenty of it, which he brings into his barbershop in the best way possible! You owe this to your beard and yourself – if you’re ever in Stockholm, go to Honest Al’s Barbershop!

PS: After 25 years in Sweden, he still speak kind of funny Swedish!

Edward “Scarface Ed” Gunnarsson

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Stockholm, born and raised.

Punk with an interest for music, football, traveling and the ”finer” things in life. Worked as a barber since 2015. Started as an apprentice at Honest Al, certificate from ”Knights Barbering School” in Dublin and a year at Hamburgs top Barbershop.

Pete “Pistol Pete” Clark

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Every barbershop needs an annoying Englishman and Honest Als is no different.

Pete was born and raised in Kent, the county often referred to as ‘the arsehole of England’ he escaped to sweden to avoid all the ’Brexit wankers’ and for a better standard of women.

After coming to Honest Als for a haircut one day he decided to become a barber and has since refused to leave despite everyone’s best efforts.

Kim ”The Trim”

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Not every barbershop needs, or even wants, someone of Kalmar descent but Honest Al had no choice but to keep on the know-it-all that is Kim.

Kim moved to Stockholm in 2008 and spent more than 11 years as an Apple tech and service manager, before getting blessed with losing his job which allowed him to pursue the dream of being a barber by enrolling at Swedish hairdresser school’s barber program in January 2020 and then joining the shop as an apprentice in March of the same year.

As a meticulous nerd Kim lives by the aphorism; ”do it well or don’t do it at all” – whether he wants to or not.

Kim enjoys long walks on the beach, romantic dinners, sweaty live shows and is a lover of music and weird shit.